Your questions, our answers

Should you book the studio before your session?

Do not worry, Emma, in addition to being a woman of many talents, has gifts of clairvoyance and telepathy allowing her to book our studios for you before you even get the idea! Incredible but true !

How many photos the photographer will / can take?

None, the legal concepts in the image industry becomes more and more complicated, so the photographer will pretend to take pictures.

What is the color of our dark blue grey background of our studio casting?


What is the surface of your photo studio, video and green background?

Great, but it will not be possible to come with your unicorn. However only not too noisy babies will be tolerated.

Is e-studios paris easily accessible?

Everything is explained on the “practical information” page but when you get lost please call us.

Is it possible to paint the cyclo on request?

Absolutely, anything is possible. Welcome to e-Disneyland Paris studios, “where lives the magic! “” Come experience the magic. ”

Can I come accompanied?

e-studios paris is a private club, without your name on the list, we allow ourself to refuse any entry.

Do you offer hair and makeup session?

Please refer to the question about the repainting the cyclo but please put an ironic ton to it.

Do you have emergency supplies?

No, but it can be arranged, everything is negotiable … almost everything .

Is it possible to cancel the booking?

Let me ask my boss and I’ll email you in one day or two

Can I book the various studios throughout the website?

Yes, yes, yes and yes


Do you have a parking space available?

Yes with valet parking … or not.

How to pay for your booking?

In euros and also accepts $$$ but not the restaurants tickets!

Are there a steamer and hangers?

No, like all studios of the capital we have no steamer or hanger … Logic, we are a studio!

Is there daylight lightning?

The light emanates mainly from our team genius. More seriously, in our studios there is artificial daylight.

If we do not want to have lunch in the studios but go to the restaurant, do you have address?

Because we’re nice people, here are our tips:
Obermama the bobo landmark, Coffee Industry for prolos, Chez Monsieur if you enjoy quality French cuisine,
There is also a nice but calibrated Lebanese …the choice is up to you ….